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As you no doubt know, young master Schwarzenegger has the richest of noble blood coursing through his princely veins.His father is a Styrian soldier’s son who nonetheless rose to great political power and wealth in the New World, while his mother is, of course, of the Kennedy-Shrivers, the aristocratic ruling family of the Northeast.Apparently Miley's bro hit it off with Patrick's sister, because according to a source, the two started dating in December.Braison, a singer-songwriter who's currently working on new music, and Christina, a 2013 graduate of Georgetown University, aren't exactly keeping their budding romance on the DL.The latest such merger between noble families has happened in two phases.First, singer and perpetually naked person Miley Cyrus, eldest legitimate female heir to House Cyrus, a country barony containing lands in and around Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, embarked on a romance with Patrick Schwarzenegger.Be sure to check out the shirtless photo from his modeling debut! He arguably has the best voice of the Cyrus family!Braison will soon be joining his family members as a member of the music industry. Canada protecting bears and wolves with the conservation group Pacific Wild. See photos of him with his goats and ducks in the gallery below!

But this is how societies function, how human beings pulled themselves out of the caves and placed themselves in palaces. It is the great burden and privilege of one’s high birth." And what does Miley think of her sibling setup success?! It's a good thing, too, because Christina's already attending family functions!Tish Instagrammed a picture from Noah Cyrus' 15th birthday dinner Friday Billy Ray Cyrus was at one end of the table and Miley, Patrick, Braison and Catherine were looking happy as clams at the other! Romanovs screwing each other until all their brains fell out.It’s a grand tradition, and one that continues to this day.

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