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Cam fuckroom

Syd walks towards the red bathroom, where the not-real dog David had as a kid is waiting.

That way they don’t have to worry about changing bodies when they touch, and it’s REAL TO THEM, DAMMIT.

Bodies everywhere, open flames on the sidewalk, purple smoke rising out of the sides of the building.

Inside, the alarms are all going off, and the gang rushes to try and find David, and Hawley does his best to disorient us here by cutting between camera angles like crazy during seconds of blackness between the alarm’s flashing lights.

Meanwhile, we get some lengthy exposition about Kerry and Cary between the latter and Bird.

David and Syd, in a post-coital afterglow, march into Bird’s office and tell her that they’re going to rescue Amy from the clutches of the Gubberment.

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Bird and the anonymous super-powerful telepath who showed up in the first episode and was promptly forgotten about are hunting through the security camera footage for any sign of David. David’s literally disintegrating motherfuckers left and right. We come back, and Cary’s talking to Kerry, who’s still hanging out inside of him.

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