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Posted by / 30-Sep-2017 07:16

Even if you’ve not registered your phone number on Facebook, don’t worry. I must insist that this method is only for i Phone users who have successfully jailbroken their phones.

You can easily jailbreak your i Phone using our solutions and guides.

We exchange so much information and so many texts over Facebook, they’re like memories, and losing them is like losing a part of your consciousness.

As Facebook is trying very hard to direct users to the Messenger app, they’re not making it any easier for their mobile web browser users as well.

But just because it’s the current popular platform for communication doesn’t mean it can start manipulating us into downloading Messenger apps if we don’t want to!

So if you’re so annoyed by its messaging system, maybe just encourage your friends to drop Facebook and find another platform? If you’ve lost some important Facebook messages, then you must be understandably worried.

Here’s how you go about it: This method only works if your mobile phone number is registered on your Facebook account.

It is otherwise an even simpler method of instantly sending Facebook messages.

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