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if you dont have the physical appeal, in a given situation, is status the only other way to win.or can tight game/ personality make up for physical unattractiveness?If you sincerely curious about her, she will realise this and the interaction will probably go easy.Usually the problem is not the girl, it's what we create in our head.After I open and say something along the lines of that I find the girl cute, I generally get a positive response.However, aside from asking the boring interview style questions such as what do you do and where are you from (which can be ok but only when the conversation is already going well), I'm not sure exactly what to say so it becomes a decent chatty and flirty conversation. You can ask those boring questions in a much more conversationally advantageous way. You answer whatever question you want to ask first, or answer it after you've asked it. It's not just you asking questions but you're giving conversational material back to the girl too that she can add too or ask about to create more conversation from.The reality when it comes to games is that's a lot of people make game seem harder then with it really is and if you have that mentality you will always lose secondly you should never over analyze what your saying words re very powerful but sometimes staying quiet can have more affect on a set then actually talking that's the beauty about pick up.Finally here's what you have to do after a n opener usually you will want to start with a false time contain or body rock eve if the set hooks you always want to come across like you don't care about the outcome secondly you have to transition this is pick up 101 which transitioning pretty much means changing the conversation from the initial opener to start knowing who this woman really is I agree with quikk, sometimes pickup just makes things to complicate.

women care more about a face than a body, unlike us. In which case based on your premise you may as well just give up and live out a lonely existence. thats really on you and thats not a logical / manly way handle things.

" Pickup is totally easy if you can take it as a game, as something that you can enjoy instead of a complicate way to seduce her.

In the next approaches try this: after you got the girl's attention, start talking to her like she's a friend you haven't seen for a long time, and you want to know what happened in the meanwhile.

She said I was a great guy and wanted to stay friends but I politely said no. I'm still going out and talking to other girls of course, but I really like this girl.

Given how strong the attraction was on our first date, I can't help but feel like I can reignite it.

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You approached this girl, now it's time to figure out who she is.

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