Free chat sex scandal

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Free chat sex scandal

(Christina Bellantoni)As part of the settlement, Duran and West Hollywood admitted no wrongdoing, but a private investigator's report commissioned by the city dinged Duran for openly talking about his sex life and making "inappropriate" comments that "were sexual in nature" in the workplace.

Duran publicly apologized last month for hiring "a friend," but he has repeatedly denied sexual harassment.

faraic: In a general election, Clinton will get the full mud-cannon blast of attacks — past and present, real and completely made up.

“Clinton maintained a private email server” is not all that sexy unto itself.

“Clinton threatened national security and/or broke the law by maintaining a private email server” is better, but less self-evident. Some of the other parts of the five-pronged test would argue for the scandal being important. 3: “Does the scandal reify/reinforce/‘prove’ a core negative perception about the candidate? 2: “Does the scandal cut against a core element of the candidate’s brand?

Horvath, mayor of the liberal enclave of West Hollywood, is adding her voice to those of many other city leaders across the country to say she is fed up with Trump’s campaign tactics and inflammatory rhetoric....

Lindsey Horvath has a message for Donald Trump, and it’s not welcoming him to her city.

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Even if that reflects an overreaction on Biden’s behalf.