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We are in Bad Town, a gorgeously distressed locale full of noir hoodlums and pretty bad boys.

The film begins with a shot of Arash (Arash Marandi), a horticultural handyman, dressed in James Dean’s T-shirt and Marlon Brando’s jeans.

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You might argue that it strives too hard for undead and undying cool – expect rock stars to reference it for years to come – but that naïve passion for recreational existentialism is part of the film’s peculiar charm.

If we’ve learned anything from social media, it’s that posting the wrong thing on social media could incite a firestorm of hate—or in Azalea Banks’s case, get you fired from a job.

It’s the sort of broad textual gag you might encounter in the works of Thomas Pynchon. ” The Girl’s campaign of quiet terror is surely some sort of reaction against two kinds of misogyny: the religiously inspired restraints of Iran and the western violence and intimidation typified by the vulgar pimp.

His dad is an addict trapped in unhappy financial bondage to a local pimp.

26-year-old Elham Arab, who became Instagram famous for her bleached hair and vibrant photos in fancy bridal gowns, was interrogated by two prosecutors on national TV for not keeping her hair fully covered.

Rather than defend her actions, Arab decided to go in another route.

She told audiences of her "bitter experiences" in the country’s illegal modeling industry, warning others to take more consideration when posting pictures of themselves on the web."You can be certain that no man would want to marry a model whose fame has come by losing her honor," she added. The segment was part of the country’s increased efforts to police the social media activities of its citizens as a way of blocking out western influence.

"Sterilizing popular cyberspaces is on our agenda," Javad Babaei, Iran’s prosecutor for cybercrimes, said.

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This is a town stuffed with interesting, exotic characters: princesses, rich ladies, troubled sex workers, but none is quite so interesting as “The Girl”. She is even seen on a skateboard, which allows her to move as smoothly as the brides of Dracula.