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Go Daddy has had other ads banned, too, including one that made a "beaver" joke about Danica Patrick.

The only thing more fun than analyzing this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads?

, one of the characters battles dragons and other enemies in a fiery hellish-looking setting.

The tagline: “Go to Hell.” Why it was banned: That concluding imperative, which EA eventually softened (the company replaced “Go to Hell” with “Hell Awaits”).

The Examiner also notes that at one point, the ad shows a character holding a Christian cross—which also probably wouldn’t go over very well with any sort of religious Super Bowl viewer. “Bad Date,” Ashley (2009) The ad: A woman experiences a terrible blind date with a man who can’t stay off the phone or keep his eyes to himself. Why it was banned: According to CNBC, not only was the ad banned from the Super Bowl, but the site for illicit affairs was also banned from advertising on all NFL programming until the end of time.

“After realizing what the site was, the sales rep called back and told the company there was a mistake and that his company could not sell an ad to the site,” said NFL spokesman Brian Mc Carthy. Naturally, they end up in their underwear, throwing punches and high-kicks in a fountain.

Besides football, snacks and over-the-top halftime shows, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Nearly every year, some brand gets banned from airing during the big game because it's too sexy, too weird or too offensive -- or violates rules of a network or the NFL.PETA (2016) Similar to 2009's racy "Veggie Love" ad, PETA argues that vegetarians have better sex -- this time by overtly showing two couples having loud, hot sex and one lasting much, much longer.» WARNING: The link includes graphic videos that may be inappropriate for younger viewers.Soda Stream (2014) Scarlett Johansson drinks a beverage from the seltzer maker, then says "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." The ad was originally banned (Pepsi sponsors the Super Bowl halftime show) but it ended up airing after the line was cut.Go - Wardrobe Malfunction (2005) A curvy model has her own wardrobe malfunction, a year after the Janet Jackson incident, while promoting the website hosting company.

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There’s also some random weirdness sprinkled throughout, like the unexplained guy wearing a bunny suit.