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Jordon’s variety of assignments also included work as Special Assistant to the Director of Naval Nuclear Propulsion (Naval Reactors) in a dual-hatted Department of Defense and Department of Energy role. He was responsible for all aspects of governmental affairs for the US submarine and aircraft carrier programs. Listens can send comments and suggestions for topics and guests to: [email protected] Point of View® is a registered trademark of M Powered Strategies, Inc.As well as the fact it lists "deep RPG elements" as a feature even though this is a text-based dating simulator. And then, the mysterious screencaps began to appear. "Why would it take you a week to release a demo, if the game is already 95% done?

So the piles of problems with this project continue to stack up.

He was selected as a Defense Legislative Fellow and served on the personal staff of a senior Member of the US House of Representatives Appropriations Committee.

In his capacity as defense advisor, Jordon handled all aspects of both the State Department and Department of Defense budgeting and funding process.

It is still at this point hard to say what exactly the plan or motivations here are.

But what is clear as that the project as the Kickstarter presents it, is far from being 100% truthful.

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While we await some sort of actual evidence that this is anything but a prank, people are being urged by fellow fans to think before pledging any money to this mysterious kickstarter, or to avoid it entirely.

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