Speed dating advice

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Speed dating advice

If you had one speed dating experience and found it unsatisfying, try to figure out what you didn't like about it.If you didn't enjoy the format -- too rushed, too many people -- speed dating may not be for you.If you're new to speed dating, you may not know what to ask or how to act. Just hop onto Google or Yahoo and type in "speed dating" with the name of the city in which you live.Remember, you only have 10 minutes, so ask questions that will give you some insight into the person you are meeting. You can also try an online dating service, such as Cupid.com, that holds speed dating events.Communicate who you are from the very first date, and you'll not only find someone, you'll find the RIGHT someone.

Look around at the speed dating options in your area to find a session that you might enjoy. Also, if you have 'deal breakers' -- like smoking or drinking -- ask about those, too. In the end, trust yourself and try to remember to have fun! One of the easiest ways to find speed dating events is online.Speed dating, rather than being an activity of the desperate, is instead an accepted way for busy people to meet each other. And if you aren't, be polite and friendly, but don't take that extra flirtatious step!The question shouldn't be, "What should I talk about on a speed date? " You should go into each speed date with a few questions that you'd like to ask, but then let the conversation flow from there.They may get more dates, but they will be wasting everyone's time.Think about it this way: if you want to find someone to be with for the long haul, they need to like you for who you are.

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If any of your speed dates display these traits, then you can quickly eliminate them as viable companions.

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