Submissive adult chat bot

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Submissive adult chat bot

Despite its male name, KAI, a financial assistant, is one of the only truly genderless bots in existence.

When creating Cortana, Microsoft was well-aware of what its digital assistant was going to have to deal with, so, believe it or not, it was designed in such a way to handle abuse in a specific manner.These lovelorn folks use the virtual assistant to flirt or fantasize about a sex slave or a submissive partner, Eckstein was quoted by Quartz.Facebook rolled out the ability to build chatbots for Facebook Messenger in April 2016.You'll have to really like the idea of a tiny trapped anime character of your own: preorders cost 298,000 yen -- which is roughly 00. That’s exactly what the creators of newer virtual assistants, such as KAI, are doing.

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Another popular bot is Apple's Siri, with the video Making Siri Talk Dirty being viewed over a million times on You Tube.

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