Updating marine corps ompf

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Updating marine corps ompf

With Marine On Line, individuals have the ability to view their Electronic Service Records from MCTFS.

Given the sensitivity of that information, Marine Online is doing all that it can to make sure that your information is secure.

Part of that security is making sure your password is strong enough to prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.

On the fourth invalid attempt, your account will be locked for twenty minutes.

If you are not a Marine (you do NOT fall into one of the categories above), but work for an agency that has a valid requirement to access USMC personnel data (i.e., Judge Advocate General, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, American Red Cross, Personnel Admin Center, etc.), the Commanding Officer, or his designated representative, of the unit that has local administrative control over your agency (i.e., Hq Bn Marine Corps Base) must create your non-Marine MOL account.

Please contact the Adjutant of your unit or the servicing Personnel Admin Center, as local policy dictates, to request an account.

“The benefit to the commanders is the ease of access,” said Newell.

“Before (the commanders) would have to send a request through IPAC.

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“One of the driving factors was the Commandant’s initiative.

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