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Even though the expat lifestyle can become exhausting, from dating to home living, Expatica has tips for men and women on how to make it work.Your lifestyle as an expat might also encompass children, and Expatica Moscow offers plenty of help with keeping a family climate healthy and positive.Personal space is also more limited as Russians tend to stand close to people, even strangers.The standard of living in Moscow might be lower than you would have expected.Expat life engenders an international outlook coupled with an ability to blend relatively ‘seamlessly' into other cultures."Members" of the expat culture club are hard to spot; after all, expat living is an experience, not an identity.In Russia, a smile is a rare sign of friendship and a reaction to something truly funny or pleasant.

Also be prepared for how small rooms and apartments are. If you believe any of the information on this page is incorrect or out-of-date, please let us know.

People in service might treat you, in your perception, in a rude manner.

In general, Russians are very blunt and can ask personal questions, expecting an honest and simple answer.

Homesickness is not uncommon in this phase and at times you might feel like giving up. You also feel more like yourself in your new environment and begin to feel at home.

If you do not speak Russian, you might feel incapable of communicating even when doing the simplest things.

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At Expatica Moscow, we have all the articles you need when it comes to sculpting the expat life that's good for you.

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